The Health Talent Exchange
Since its launch in 2020, the Health Talent Exchange has been the most comprehensive, one-stop shop for cutting edge companies hiring in healthcare. It is a completely free resource, bringing together those who are hiring and job seekers, alike. Companies and executives can find and be found, without having to visit hundreds of disparate careers pages.
Studies & Reports
Compensation for growing companies in Healthcare does not have to be a mystery. Every year, we provide the definitive guide for executive compensation packages (base, bonus, equity) as well as broader market sentiment, to further improve equity and transparency in the ecosystem. Since 2020, we’ve run a survey of market compensations across all functions and all venture stages, focused on executives at the Director level and above. This is a free resource for everyone that will be updated on an annual basis.
These days, almost every conversation we have with candidates, companies, and investors alike starts out with the same question - What are you seeing out there? Our mid-year report on the state of hiring in high-growth healthcare companies seeks to answer that question
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DEI Resource Center
As many companies reevaluate their diversity, equity, and inclusion strategies, others are just getting started. Compounded with obstacles, such as maintaining strong employee engagement in a remote environment, many doubled-down on their efforts to create effective diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) strategies. We have compiled a list of helpful resources to share best practices across the ecosystem, regardless of where you are in your DEI journey.
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