Our Capabilities

Building a highly effective team does not start and stop with hiring, and doesn’t always need to involve a retained executive search. Knowing there’s no one-size-fits-all answer, we have developed an a la carte suite of solutions for companies to choose what fits best for them at any given moment - it could be accessing our free resources through AQP Intelligence, creating a comprehensive org design through AQP Scale, running a retained search on the AQP Search platform, or planning for the future through AQP Horizon.

Executive Search

Complex Healthcare problems demand creative solutions built by passionate, experienced leaders. We partner with organizations of all sizes and stages to run structured, high-touch retained search engagements across all functions at the VP, Head of, SVP, and C-Suite levels.

Founder / Co-Founder

Launching a built-for-purpose NewCo and need a Founder or Co-Founder? Our process and network converge with an understanding of the nuances of Founder Fit to attract and retain the perfect match.

Board Search

Independent Board Directors can be transformational to an organization's trajectory. We have adapted our Executive Search process for the specific nature of a Board Search, resulting in a process and research driven approach to landing the ideal Board fit.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

When it comes time to scale, the volume of hiring needed in the levels below the leadership team can overwhelm most organizations without an established talent acquisition function. We offer a programmatic approach to mid-level hiring at scale, bringing the refinement of retained search to a segment typically crowded by contingency staffing.

Design for Scale

Org charts are never set in stone, but they do tell an important story of how a business operates. We collaborate with companies at key inflection points to design a custom org chart tailored to their growth plans, with an accompanying report on the role-specific market insights for critical hires.

Hiring for Scale

Not every founder starts a company knowing how to create a seamless, enjoyable, scalable hiring process for themselves and their candidates. Our expertise brings to bear a wealth of best practices, interview questions, job specs, and scorecards to create a delightful experience.

Compensation Review

Compensation in our industry has been in flux over the last several years, and appropriate benchmarks are hard (and expensive) to find. We tailor a detailed report for an organization based on their structure to provide insight into how their compensation packages stack up against the market.

Research Development

For those who want to recruit in-house, this is the research component of our executive search program without the time and cost of a full engagement. We deliver a curated list of target executives for our partners to launch their own efforts.

Succession planning

Reaching a point of scale where the business demands new competencies, experiences and skill sets is a sign of success, not failure. We work with leaders to prepare for those moments, knowing how critical executive continuity is, not just to top line growth, but to organizational culture and morale.

DEI objectives

Regardless of the value proposition, every Healthcare company is addressing the needs of a diverse population, best accomplished with a diverse team. With a recognized dearth of diverse talent in the industry’s executive ranks, we are committed to working with our partners over longer periods of time to address their teams’ need to reflect the people they serve.

Long-range hiring

Great leaders see around corners, and can predict and plan for talent needs quarters in advance. Our pipeline capability allows for a longer lead time with an eye toward target date hiring, allowing for more opportunities to build rapport and trust with potential key hires.

Catalyst Newsletter

Company executives and investors alike look for trends across hiring and the Healthcare ecosystem at large. The Catalyst Newsletter provides an insider look on a quarterly basis at insights from our team, top CEOs and other leaders from industry.

Health Talent Exchange

Since its launch in 2020, the Health Talent Exchange has been the most comprehensive, one-stop shop for cutting edge companies hiring in healthcare. Companies and executives alike can find and be found, without having to visit hundreds of disparate careers pages.

Compensation Study

Compensation for growing companies in Healthcare does not have to be a mystery. Every year, we provide the definitive guide for executive compensation packages (base, bonus, equity) as well as broader market sentiment, to further improve equity and transparency in the ecosystem.

DEI Resource Center

As many companies reevaluate their diversity, equity, and inclusion strategies, others are just getting started. We have compiled a list of helpful resources to share best practices across the ecosystem, regardless of where you are in your DEI journey.

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How We Work

Building a team is hard, but the journey doesn’t have to be a lonely and arduous one. From a place of empathy, we operate as much like thought partners as we do talent professionals. Our team is comprised of experts in Healthcare, executive search, and entrepreneurship, whose knowledge is optimized and leveraged regardless of the project we take on.

Unlike other firms, we have developed an internal incentive structure that is aligned with our core values, driving a team-based approach and mentality, removing individualistic motivations often seen in other settings. Married with a fixed fee structure that reduces variance, and eliminates surprises, our partners never have to question what drives us. Whether we have invested back into a company via our search or not, equity in all of its forms is foundational to how we work, and we relish the opportunity for deeper relationships.

Our way is one where art meets science, recognizing the importance of iterative process and the accountability it creates, while being nimble and adaptable to evolving client needs. Even the best process cracks under the pressure of ambiguity, so we must not be afraid to challenge assumptions, ask hard questions, and thoughtfully work with our partners to refine what they need.

The result is a delightful experience, not just great outcomes.