Every company has a story.

So does every candidate.  At Aequitas Partners, we’re Storytellers. Our healthcare industry focus, and commitment to deeply understanding our candidates’ accomplishments and goals, positions us to tell both narratives passionately, intelligently, and effectively.

Who’s telling your story?

About us

Aequitas (Ay–quih– tahss) is the Latin word for integrity and the first quality we look for in our clients, our candidates, and ourselves. Our company was founded on the premise that great companies are built by great people, and the right hires early on make all the difference. We exist to help healthcare companies hire the best executive leaders in the industry.

We work exclusively with growth stage companies that are tackling some of the most pressing challenges across the Healthcare continuum, and are functionally agnostic, having successfully completed searches ranging from CEOs and Independent Board Directors, to CTOs and Vice Presidents of Marketing. Our domain expertise spans Population Health, Interoperability, Medication Adherence and Oncology Care Coordination, among others.

As our clients are privately held, typically backed by leading venture capital and private equity firms, we find ourselves with the unique opportunity to invest alongside those sponsors, via our at-risk equity model. Our willingness to forgo cash fees in favor of equity in our clients goes beyond trying to make our services more accessible – it intends to build a lasting partnership that transcends search alone. Whether we invest or not, we wake up everyday aiming to be an extension of all our clients in the marketplace, and an ambassador for their brand.