Why We Do What We Do: The Health Talent Exchange

Author :
Nina Mermelstein & Jessica Horn

As a team whose daily work revolves around building teams for high growth healthcare companies, Aequitas Partners has been closely tracking the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic across the digital health industry. We’ve watched our clients step up and do incredible work during this crisis, quickly responding by adapting their technology to address patient needs and the larger healthcare community. Unfortunately, we’ve also seen this pandemic result in budget cuts and layoffs for healthcare organizations regardless of whether they are established businesses or new startups.

Not surprisingly, the health startup space is amongst the many industries suffering a wave of recent layoffs. Founders and CEOs who are at the precipice of growth had to reverse their plans and make difficult decisions, team members who’ve been committed to big causes are asked to make impossible sacrifices, while others have been galvanized to roll up their sleeves and join the fight against a looming pandemic. Through it all, our team speaks daily to people who share a unified purpose in health, as they remain vulnerable to uncontrollable forces. In each of the conversations, the first question is the same – How do I even begin?

We recognize that the job search process is overwhelming during normal circumstances and that it is only further exacerbated given the current state of the world. At the same time, we know there are many healthcare companies that are still actively growing, and therefore hiring, to fuel that growth. As a team of people who pride themselves on being “professional connectors,” we were inspired to leverage our expertise to launch the Health Tech Talent Exchange.

This intellectually honest and democratized platform is built on Aequitas Partners’ principles of bringing authenticity and integrity to the job search process. This will serve as a real-time hub for positions that are actually open today, connecting organizations that are actively hiring with people who are committed to making a meaningful impact in the health industry. We hope that this pro-bono initiative will support people who might feel uncertainty during this time, help them recognize the breadth and choice of opportunities available to them, give them dignity during this next step, and ultimately find that perfect role that fuels their purpose.

We invite all companies involved in the healthcare industry to participate by sharing their active hiring needs. Participating companies can range in size from 5 to 1,000 employees, seeking talent across the US market. We understand the time and resources necessary to find the best talent, and our hope is for healthcare companies to leverage this exchange to help support their growth. For job seekers, we encourage people who are looking for full-time or part-time work to share this resource with their larger professional network. Whether you are committed to staying in the healthcare industry or you feel mobilized by a sense of urgency to enter the field, we hope this exchange presents you with opportunities to take that next step.

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