VP of Marketing Search Case Study

Vice President, Marketing

Series B

Tech-Enabled Care Management

10 Weeks

Our client had spent roughly 8 months both trying to accurately spec out their needs at the marketing position, as well as interviewing potential candidates. After not finding what they were looking for, they engaged us to help them define the role and identify the right candidate. They felt they had exhausted the local market and needed fresh perspective.

Our client retained us to find an experienced Vice President of Marketing, with a track record of leading the marketing function for growth stage companies, ideally in the healthcare technology space. Depth of expertise in content marketing and lead generation at a tactical level coupled with an ability to set marketing strategy were critical. An emphasis was placed on experience marketing to payers, and there was some openness to looking at both seasoned candidates as well as rising stars.

The search began with an intensive, full-day kickoff meeting at our client’s offices, where we learned a great deal about the company and its culture, while also defining variants on the potential profile that would be the best fit. We met with the CEO, his Co-Founder, and a number of members of senior leadership to help paint an accurate picture. We also collected a list of candidates that our client had already considered, so as to preclude them from our research.

We then identified 135 target candidates and sources, methodically breaking down the industry into segments to first determine the possible companies that the ideal candidates would be working for. We reached out to and networked with everyone, and in week two were able to present a calibration slate of five highly qualified candidates, with varying levels of experience, both seasoned vets and rising stars.

In subsequent weeks, we added two more candidates to the slate, and all told, every single introduction we made was to a candidate based locally to our client, taking the perceived need for relocation off the table.

After extensive interviews, two finalists were selected to spend a significant amount of time with the team, and a verbal offer was presented in week 8, with the search closing in week 10.