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Q4 is winding down as everyone runs out of gas just in time for the holidays, helped along by a wild 4 days in Vegas for HLTH, only to dust ourselves off and get ready for JPM (assuming that’s a thing we’re all still doing?).  It was great to see so many friends, old and new, and looking around the room in the Venetian convention hall, you’d be hard pressed to find the signs of looming recession we’re all convinced of.  As we close the books on 2022, a year that saw tremendous growth for our team, including the opening of our dedicated office space in Philadelphia alongside our NYC presence, we wanted to leave you all with some interesting pieces before the break.  First, our 3rd Annual Digital Health Compensation survey is only open for another few weeks – if you haven’t taken it yet, now is the time HERE. We also sat down with longtime friend and client Norm Shore at Patient Discovery to hear more about their exciting journey.  And lastly, our Chief of Staff, Nina Mermelstein, put together a great framework for building a killer onboarding process based on the incredible one she has built here for us.  I hope you have a wonderful holiday with friends and family, and look forward to seeing you in San Francisco in January!

— Tim

3rd Annual Compensation Survey Is Open

David West, CEO Proscia

We’re excited to announce that the 3rd Annual Digital Health Executive Compensation Survey is now open! Click HERE to participate Over the last few years, the Aequitas Partners Annual Executive Compensation study has been valuable to executives and company leaders looking to better understand the state of compensation across the health tech industry. Some interesting findings from the 2021 survey are included below.

In light of the team-related ups and downs of this year, the compensation study will offer execs, employees and investors key information about how all these changes have impacted compensation.


An Interview with Norm Shore – CEO of Patient Discovery

By: Tim Gordon
David West, CEO Proscia

Patient Discovery’s mission is to transform the way all patients are understood, supported, and treated by providing a platform for patients’ real-world experiences to be integrated into decision-making throughout the entire healthcare ecosystem.

Their platform, Companion by Patient Discovery™ , brings to the forefront non-medical factors that both allow providers to efficiently create better patient-centric care plans, and enable health systems, life sciences organizations, and health plans to remove the barriers to equitable care through aggregated, real-world patient insights.

We sat down with Norm Shore, Co-Founder and CEO to learn more about his journey.


Five Tips for Elevating Your Company’s Onboarding Process

By: Nina Mermelstein
Digital Health Executive Compensation Study

We have all been there before – it’s the first day of a new job and you are feeling all that built up excitement alongside the usual first day jitters. Sure, you have a strong understanding of the job and the company from the interview process, but now that some time has passed since your last interview, you may have some new questions– How quickly will I adapt to a new hybrid or fully-remote work environment and build meaningful connections with my coworkers? What will my first day / week / month look like? What can I do to get up to speed so that I can quickly make a meaningful impact on the business?

From an HR/hiring manager perspective, mitigating these early concerns for a new hire can be difficult. However, there is a key tool that a company has at its disposal during these early stages–a stellar onboarding program!

32% of people who changed jobs noted “mission” as the primary reason for the career shift followed by “leadership team” (24%) and “compensation” (6%)

11.1% increase in salary for BIPOC executives who negotiated their base salary in 2021 (up from 8.7% in 2020)
59% of respondents were willing to listen to new opportunities or proactively looking
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