ClinOps Search Case Study

Vice President, Clinical Service Operations


Mobile Cancer Care Advocacy

5 Weeks

Our client needed to quickly identify and on-board a senior leader to build, manage and lead a team of clinically aware nurses, social workers, psychologists and oncology experts to be the backbone of their tech-enabled service platform. The timing needed to line up with the delivery of an MVP to their anchor client.

Our client retained us to find someone who could solve for the aforementioned problem, but weren’t entirely certain of the exact candidate profile that would fit the role. There were multiple strategy sessions prior to the search kickoff, involving senior leadership and our client’s advisory board. We ultimately determined it best to present a meaningfully diverse slate to provide more data points to drive decision-making.

This was not the first search we had performed for this client, so we already had a solid understanding of their business model, but we still executed a formal search kick-off, in addition to all of the collaborations leading up to the search. We performed extensive market research, identifying 235 potential targets that fit a variety of potential profiles.

On our first search call with our client, we presented a calibration slate with 5 profiles, including leaders from managed care, behavioral health, ACO enablement, psychosocial support and oncology navigation. Each profile represented similar and yet very different experiences and skill-sets, helping our client zero in on what was most important to them. They moved swiftly to interview the calibration slate, and one candidate emerged as the perfect fit, even among a field that was deemed to be universally qualified. This finalist possessed a deep clinical background in psychology, coupled with experience in two venture-backed, healthcare environments, and a track record of building great teams.

We moved that individual through a series of client meetings, working sessions and conversations with the advisory board, and were able to make them an offer.

The finalist was made an offer 5 weeks after the search began, representing a significant compression of our normal search cycle, due to client responsiveness and an extremely effective calibration effort.